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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: 11th Squad Barracks
Favourite genre of music: Mixture
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Mac Snow Leopard & Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I-Phone 3
Shell of choice: Lao-Shan-Lung
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard
Personal Quote: *Something gets dropped to the floor* "Well done..."

The To-Do List (2015 Update)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 5, 2014, 9:11 AM…


Humungous update to this list in a slightly more concise format, divided into categories instead of a generic list that I will add to and chip away at as I see fit. Please let me if there was something I said I do for someone but forgot to add to this list.

Mizani - My Creation

Elemental Captains groups -  4/9 Complete
New creatures
Military Equipment
Religion gear (robes/artifacts)
Alios Twins
Lieutenant Fackel and Innyn
Dwarven City
Alta'Urbe - Remaining Dark Elf city

Any and all OC's for Mizani who haven't been designed yet.

Virome - Kagome-Nezumiro's Creation

Patricia Rotice design
Patricia and Alfred doing their job
Cyborg Bitca Calo design
Addiction design
Guangsu and Su Xing Shenhua
Weapons Dealer OC

Any and all OC's for Virome who haven't been designed yet.


Hybrid!Kaji VS Mind Linked Suri (Kaji vs Yoko V3)
Arca Tenjin and Rasse updated :D
Evolution of Clara Tejedor


2 New male OCS with the letters "J" and "R"


Monster Hunter - Evolution of a Hunter
Monster Hunter - Guriniraion V2
Mass Effect - Dala'Fora nar Calator (Redesign 3)
Mass Effect - Malia T'Riss (Redesign)
Halo  - Spartan D45 (my multiplayer character) and his AI

VS idea: Spyro vs Aldiun
VS idea: Raziel Vs. Darksider's Death
Vs idea: Borderlands Zer0 Vs. Gray Fox


Personal Project - GAMING MEMORIES

Tomb Raider
Lost Planet 2
Silent Hill 2
Five Nights at Freddy's

Need to do
Crash Bandicoot
Jumping Flash
Prince of Persia
Sonic the Hedgehog
Legacy of Kain
Jak & Daxter
Command & Conquer ( Red Alert & Tiberium Sun)
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
Splinter Cell
Kingdom Hearts
Devil May Cry
Mass Effect
Dead Space
The Darkness
Monster Hunter
Half Life
Assassins' Creed
Saint's Row
Dragon's Dogma
The Elder Scrolls
Dark Souls

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: "Survive the Night" and "Just Gold" by Mandopony
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2, GTA5 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Eating: Cheesy Pasta Bake
  • Drinking: Horilicks and Curly Wurly milkshake


Mizani Campaign - The Heroes by Diyaru4500
Mizani Campaign - The Heroes
The rag-tag group that is defending the world from a dragon worshipping and or possessing cult based on a D&D Campaign set in my original world of Mizani.
From left to right we have: Nissa the Hunter, Raanan the Guard, Ryne the Healer and Vorick the Paladin.

<stuff about them here when I'm not feeling half alseep>

Mizani & Raanan - :icondiyaru4500: Me
Nissa - :iconkagome-nezumiro:
Ryne - :iconschneider368: - Our DM
Vorick - Ryan ( He dun have a dA account)
Virome - Dr. Dawn Stille by Diyaru4500
Virome - Dr. Dawn Stille
Name: Dr.Dawn Stille
Occupation: VKPD M-Circuit Specialist, Psychologist
Circuits: M-Type: Paralysis, located on right palm
              E-Type: EMP, located on left shoulder
Notable Features: Left forearm is synthetic, military grade

Dawn Stille is one of Vol'Kures' leading experts in psychology and M-Circuits and developed the first few editions that most M-Circuit today are now based on. Since then she works for the VKPD and assist the force by analyzing acquired circuits and find their weaknesses to be exploited. She is also has an extreme understanding of subliminal messaging and has used in some interviews with criminals to make them cough up new evidence through the use programed "presentations". He left arm is synthetic  and can "divide" in a spidery mess of metal and wires to type, program and work must faster and efficiently, it can also serve as an emergency weapon for self defense.

However unknown to nearly everyone, she is one of the highest ranking agents of the Human Trafficker, "Addiction" and his first victim to his campaign. She is the inventor of the black market circuit "Influence"  shortly before it was turned on her and Addiction's 'conditioning chairs' that use a complex series of drugs, subliminal imaging and physical appliances to mold the victims however she wishes.

Virome - :iconkagome-nezumiro:
Dawn - :icondiyaru4500:

P.s. Normally she keeps her lab coat closed up and acts very professional when at the VKPD.
Mizani - Captains of Light by Diyaru4500
Mizani - Captains of Light
Last upload for today, promise. u3u/

The 3 captains for the Light Branch, a division of Auxillium's  Mage Guild in my world of Mizani.

Light users primarily serve a defensive rolls in the guild, usually to defend Life Mages but also combat against demons that can slip in from their realm. Usually glad in armor they are the first line of defence against them. However like the rest of the branches they also practise, research and train to be better mages.

 These 3 Captains from left to right we have, Jayvyn, Lucia and Garven. They each earned their rank for different reasons.

Lucia Geneser
The prodigy child mage and granddaughter to Grandmaster Meio himself. Only 13 year old she has flown through the academy and attained her rank with unpresendented success. She is still very young and can be very childish by pulling many, many pranks to her fellow mages. She is also already primed to take over as Master should something happen.

Jayvyn Brandt
Jayvyn is master of compressing light into solid objects and uses them to a tremendous effect, creating weightless, cutting blades, animals and anything he can think of, he is commonly mistaken for as a summoner due to creating creatures fairly often. He also sports a suit of Black Metal armor, a gift from his Life Mage charge.

Garven Oldrik
Strong, loud and proud Garven is like a human sized Dwarf and has as much of a penchant for getting into trouble. Like fellow Captain Mauris of the Lightning Branch he too is clad nearly head to toe in armor, while Mauris prefers to use a blade, Garven prefers to use his fists and he uses them to great effect. Like Jayvyn he wears a unique suit of armor made for him by Dwarves.

Mizani and Jayvyn - :icondiyaru4500:
Garven - :iconkagome-nezumiro:
Mizani - Lucia Geneser by Diyaru4500
Mizani - Lucia Geneser
The third and final captain of the Light Branch and easily the youngest, full member of the Guild at 13 years old.

A prodigy child and the daughter of Mistress Hekima and Granddaughter to Grandmaster Meio whom she has absurd of expectations to meet up to. However she is still a child and typically shirks nearly all her captainly duties to her fellow Captains and decides to cause mischief and pull pranks on many members of the Guild. However her nearly always positive and childish nature can give way to an extremely efficient Light Mage. She can condense light into large and elaborate objects with ease, turn invisible and can actually remain serious just long enough to last a mission.

Due to her skill she is already chosen and prime to take over as Master of Light should the time come.

Her mother: Mizani - Hekima Geneser by Diyaru4500 Her OP G!Dad: Mizani - The Grandmaster by Diyaru4500

Mizani - :icondiyaru4500:
Lucia - :iconkagome-nezumiro:
Mizani - Garven Oldrik by Diyaru4500
Mizani - Garven Oldrik
Garven is the second light captain who is a close quarters expert and prefers to fight hand to hand. Like his fellow Captain Jayvyn he too sports a rather unique set of armor made for him by the dwarves. And like it's creators  he is obnoxiously loud and proud and speaks in their accent. Standing a little under 6ft is unbelievable strong to wear the entire set and fight efficiently with it along with his light magic abilities.


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