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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Current Residence: 11th Squad Barracks
Favourite genre of music: Mixture
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Mac Snow Leopard & Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: I-Phone 3
Shell of choice: Lao-Shan-Lung
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard
Personal Quote: *Something gets dropped to the floor* "Well done..."

The To-Do List (2015 Update)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 5, 2014, 9:11 AM

Humungous update to this list in a slightly more concise format, divided into categories instead of a generic list that I will add to and chip away at as I see fit. Please let me if there was something I said I do for someone but forgot to add to this list.

Mizani - My Creation

Elemental Captains groups -  4/9 Complete
New creatures
Military Equipment
Religion gear (robes/artifacts)
Lieutenant Fackel and Innyn
Dwarven City
Alta'Urbe - Remaining Dark Elf city

Any and all OC's for Mizani who haven't been designed yet.

Virome - Kagome-Nezumiro's Creation

Patricia and Alfred doing their job
Cyborg Bitca Calo design
Addiction design
Guangsu and Su Xing Shenhua

Any and all OC's for Virome who haven't been designed yet.


Hybrid!Kaji VS Mind Linked Suri (Kaji vs Yoko V3)
Arca Tenjin and Rasse updated :D
Evolution of Clara Tejedor


2 New male OCS with the letters "J" and "R"


Monster Hunter - Evolution of a Hunter
Monster Hunter - Guriniraion V2
Mass Effect - Dala'Fora nar Calator (Redesign 3)
Mass Effect - Malia T'Riss (Redesign)
Halo  - Spartan D45 (my multiplayer character) and his AI

VS idea: Spyro vs Aldiun
VS idea: Raziel Vs. Darksider's Death
Vs idea: Borderlands Zer0 Vs. Gray Fox


Personal Project - GAMING MEMORIES

Tomb Raider
Lost Planet 2
Silent Hill 2
Five Nights at Freddy's

Need to do
Crash Bandicoot
Jumping Flash
Prince of Persia
Sonic the Hedgehog
Legacy of Kain
Jak & Daxter
Command & Conquer ( Red Alert & Tiberium Sun)
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
Splinter Cell
Kingdom Hearts
Devil May Cry
Mass Effect
Dead Space
The Darkness
Monster Hunter
Half Life
Assassins' Creed
Saint's Row
Dragon's Dogma
The Elder Scrolls
Dark Souls

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: "Survive the Night" and "Just Gold" by Mandopony
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2, GTA5 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Eating: Cheesy Pasta Bake
  • Drinking: Horilicks and Curly Wurly milkshake


Mizani Campaign - The Hereos V3 by Diyaru4500
Mizani Campaign - The Hereos V3
The rag-tag group that is defending the world from a dragon worshiping and or possessing cult based on a D&D Campaign set in my original world of Mizani.

Their adventures has taken them around the world in the process became dragoon knights, people selected and inbued with abilities by a dragon. On top of that they were made officially recognized by crown and knighted as the Order of the Scale.

From left to right we have: Riva the Barbarian, Vorick the Paladin, Raanan the Fighter and Ryne the Healer.
While all the knights were given a title, a manor and a boon, each member did something different with it.

Riva, who was made the Seabrand, requested a personal dock and a new ship to be constructed as the last one was destroyed by her patron by accident.

Vorick the Flamebrand and elected leader of the order commissioned a suit of armor and a plot to construct a temple devoted to 4 dragons lords which can double as bunker in times of danger.

Raanan the Stormbrand, simply asked for a suit of armor tailored after his dragon patron and a small manor in the noble quarter of the Palace District from which he moved most of his belongings and his mother to.

Ryne the Earthbrand and the first mage to ever be knighted simply asked for a new uniform tailored to her patron and a matching bow, as well as some archery lessons, she however chose to continue residing in the mage tower.

Party's previous state: Mizani Campaign - The Heroes V2 by Diyaru4500

Mizani & Raanan - :icondiyaru4500: Me
Riva - :iconkagome-nezumiro:
Dakija & Ryne - :iconschneider368: - Our DM
Vorick - Ryan ( He dun have a dA account)
Mizani - Earthbrand, Ryne Mesair by Diyaru4500
Mizani - Earthbrand, Ryne Mesair
Lazy copy and pasta powers activate!

Quiet to the point of being forgotten and shy to the point of insecurity, Ryne was always someone who needed a bit of help and coaxing to accomplish anything. She was found by her current party after being saved from the pursuit of cultists from the Cult of the Dragon's Awakening. She quickly attached herself to the party as her rather fearful and lonely nature sought protection and companionship. Even after the threat of the cultists in the area, Ryne decided to remain with the party as their healer. 

Suffering from aphasia due to her lycanization, Ryne could not physically speak to the party when they first found her, though she did seem to be capable of communicating basic concepts through gestures or expressions. Later on, while the party was investigating an abandoned mine in the nation of Tacere, Ryne suffered a fatal blow from a lesser demon known as a quill hound that collapsed her lungs and left her medically dead. However, through a strange and inexplicable twist of fate, Ryne was revived by the party and regained her ability to speak.

Not until a trip to the underground city of Shildra'Gald and near death fight with her mind-controlled patron dragon Sand Diver (Klo-Bovut) was it later revealed to her that she was in fact made the Earthbrand when she first died in Tacere. Before leaving the city, she was given her golden scale by Nissa Ortava, the new Galdari tribal leader, and told Ryne that she had been tasked to give this scale to "someone who put others before themselves and seeks to protect those who cannot protect themselves". Inspired by this trust and friendship, Ryne took up the bow and began to assist the party from the backline, renouncing her otherwise pacifist nature.

As the party was received in Auxiliam and Captain Wynn informed them of their knighting, Ryne was overcome with pride as she came to the realization she was to be the first mage to ever be knighted. Her choice in her armor was one of semi-capable defense and optimal movement to support her archery and casting abilities. Ryne's artisan decided to dress her in the colors of white and gold, to depict her purity and innocence as well as her patrons focus on protection and vitality.

Mizani - :icondiyaru4500: Me!
Ryne Mesair - :iconschneider368:
Mizani - King Sigmund Alderic by Diyaru4500
Mizani - King Sigmund Alderic
The King of the Auxillium, Sigmund Alderic, direct descendant of the Alderic clan that originally took over Auxillium in humanity's early years. To many he is a very just king (though a little overbearing to some) and enjoys being among his people that on occasion he sneaks out of the palace to mingle and get to know people. If he could, he would sit down and chat with all his citizens but time and schedules don't offer such a luxury.

Between himself and his Queen, Lareina, he usually manages the nations resources, laws and diplomacy, making sure everyone can get their share that if needed he will do it himself if it gets results faster, much to his advisers' chagrin. In the event of war he is a very calm tactician preferring the "Scout it out then wait and see BUT do X in case of Y".

Mizani - :icondiyaru4500: Moi!
Two Little Birds by Diyaru4500
Two Little Birds
A little thing thrown together in right now in about an hour about summons Lavaya and Raka. Ice and Fire birds.
T'is just a cute small thing.

Mizani and Lavaya - :icondiyaru4500:
Raka the fire bird  - :iconkagome-nezumiro:
Mizani - Lavaya the Soaring Frost by Diyaru4500
Mizani - Lavaya the Soaring Frost
Lavaya is the summon to Viola Alderic, the Princess of Auxillium.

Resembling a phoenix, Lavaya is one of the many summons who can talk and communicate to their summoner as well as other beings.
As he titles implies she can manipulate ice to attack by hurling shards of ice and encasing the tips of her wings and talons.
Much like how a phoenix is believed to permeate heat from it's body, Lavaya does similar with the cold. While this doesn't effect Viola
others who come near her will find themselves feeling a little chilly. For flying she is among the fastest behind possibly dragons and on
occasion serves as a mount for Viola and guests if they can bear the chill.

As for her personality, she is oddly similar to Queen Lareina, caring and motherly and rather protective of Viola, coming to her aid immediately
at first sign of danger.

Her summoner:
Mizani - Princess Viola of Auxilium by Diyaru4500

Mizani & Lavaya - :icondiyaru4500: Me


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